SB 416 Update

SB 416 “Provide for statewide infrastructure” is the only remaining infrastructure bill. It is viewed as somewhat of a compromise bill. It provides for a variety of funding mechanisms, one of which is a requirement for a percentage of local money. The bill has met some resistance from those in the eastern part of the state who feel it does not do enough to mitigate the needs from the oil boom. The following link provides a description of the ongoing discussion:

Learn more about the bill here.

SB 353 and 354, the legislation to reallocate a portion of the coal trust, passed both the Senate and the House, but not with the 2/3 vote required for a bill that alters the coal trust. It is highly unlikely that these companion bills can be revived for this session.

MSE/ASCE/ASHRAE 2015 Bill List
HB 5 Rep Jeff Wellborn Provide for intrastructure development Missed Appropriation Bill Transmittal
HB 63 Rep Kathy Swanson Revise licensing/regulation of engineers and land surveyors Signed by the Governor
HB 97 Rep Edith McClafferty Revise alternative contracting process 3rd Reading failed
SB 145 Sen Bradley Hamlett Revise allocation of oil and gas revenue for oil and natural gas impact projects Signed by the Senate President
HB 224 Rep Zac Perry Generally revise building code program laws Tabled in committee
HB 312 Rep Nancy Wilson Require MDT to consider growth policies and neighborhood plans Tabled in committee
SB 205 Sen Robyn Driscoll Provide for the Hire Montana First Act Tabled in committee
SB 353 Sen Rick Ripley Constitutional referendum to divert coal trust and create Build Montana program Did not get the required 2/3 vote
SB 354 Sen Rick Ripley Create infrastructure funding program Did not get the required 2/3 vote
SB 416 Sen John Brenden Provide for statewide infrastructure Hearing 4/13 in Appropriations