Chapter 131 has regular monthly meetings in Billings, Montana and has an active Section in Bozeman, Montana and a Student Section at Montana State University in Bozeman. Big Sky ASHRAE was established in 1978, and has been steadily growing and participating in the industry since its development.

Past Presidents

1 1978-79 Bob Clapper Clapper Company
2 1979-80 Dick Lee Con’eer Engineering
3 1980-81 Al Kassion SKE Engineers
4 1981-82 Glenn Waldenberg Vemco Sales
5 1982-83 Bill Lynch Con’eer Engineering
6 1983-84 Bob McGinnis Western Thermal Supply
7 1984-85 Gerry Baker CTA
8 1985-86 Bill Bug Big Horn Supply
9 1986-87 Tom Scott Design 3Engineering
10 1987-88 Dan Fry Vemco Sales
11 1988-89 Mike Meszaros The Trane Company
12 1989-90 Jon Fry Montana-Dakota Utilities
13 1990-91 Rich Rose Mechanical Technology Incorporated
14 1991-92 Art Fust Energy AD
15 1992-93 Glenn Streets Technical Assistance Corporation
16 1993-94 Steve Hanser United Properties
17 1994-95 Brian Maloney Design 3 Engineering
18 1995-96 Walter Heins CTA
19 1996-97 Randy Bentley Northwest Pipe
20 1997-98 Dennis Tallant United Properties
21 1998-99 Jeff Craig The Trane Company
22 1999-00 Jim Outhier CTA
23 2000-01 Jeff Gruizenga Con’eer Engineering
24 2001-02 Jay Cederberg L A Olson Associates
25 2002-03 Rod Rose Mechanical Technology Incorporated
26 2003-04 Cory Hasiak MKK Engineers
27 2004-05 Todd Meling Associated Construction Engineers
28 2005-06 Amber Broch Associated Construction Engineers
29 2006-07 Scot Spratt S Conley Sales
30 2007-08 Bruce Cook Vemco Sales
31 2008-09 Raelynn Meissner CTA
32 2009-10 Nic Talmark The Trane Company
33 2010-11 Brett Sandusky MKK
34 2011-12 Ammon Palmer CTA
35 2012-13 Jake Witham
36 2013-14 Tim Model Vemco Sales
37 2014-15 Dylan Bandy MTI
38 2015-16 Dawn Rollinger Con’eer Engineering
39 2016-17 Jake Boggs Vemco, Inc.
40 2017-18 Jake Boggs Vemco, Inc.
41 2018-19 Andrew Byl MKK
42 2019-20 Adam Hawks Energy 1
43 2020-21 Adam Hawks Energy 1


Year Date Information
1976 ASHRAE member interest group formed chaired by Robert A. Clapper
1978 22 May Application to Society for recognition as a Chapter
1978-79 11 Oct – May Big Sky Chapter chartered in SocietyBob Clapper and Dick Lee represent Chapter at CRC in Sioux Falls, SDMeetings were held in the evening at the Warbonnet Inn
1979-80 11 Sep – 6 Nov Meeting place was changed to the Billings Elks ClubFirst Ladies Night social meeting.Visit by Director & Regional Chairman, Lee Mutum.

Big Sky awarded the Traveling Trophy for attendance at the Sioux Falls CRC.

First meeting out of Billings with a tour of the Life of Montana Building in Bozeman attended by 21 members, 10 guests and 19 students (in spite of a heavy snow storm).

First Big Sky Chapter Golf Tournament.

1980-81  April Student Section Chartered at Montana Tech in Butte.
1981-82 Steady increase in membership.
1982-83 Jan – Mar First joint meeting with NAWIC, National Association of Women in Construction.First joint convention with Montana SMACNA at the Copper King in Butte.Visit by ASHRAE Vice President, Bob McDonald.
1983-84 Sept – Jun Joint convention with Montana SMACNA. Keynote by Senator Max Baucus.Bud Misfeldt made a PVC carrying case for the Chapter Banners after they were mistakenly left home during the CRC.
1984-85 Sept – May Visit by Director & Regional Chairman, Larry Staples.Dues raised from $15 to $20 with $5 earmarked to support the Student Section.Rich Rose makes history at the CRC in El Paso as “The Matador from Montana”.

Big Sky Chapter is appointed as the host for the 1988 CRC.

1985-86 April Big Sky Chapter has 10 members in attendance at CRC in Boise, ID.
1986-87 October Visit by Director & Regional Chairman, Larry Staples.
1987-88 Feb 13 – May 3
May 10 – 12
Luncheon meeting in Great Falls.Five members of the Student Section from Butte attend the Chapter meeting and tour four businesses the following day.CRC held at the Northern Hotel in Billings, MT – Bob Clapper, General Chairman.
1988-89 Sept – Oct Industry roundtable.Joint meeting with the Student Section in Butte.Big Sky Chapter placed 3rd overall in PAOE points in Region 9.
1989-90 Oct Joint meeting with the Student Section in Butte.
1990-91 Aug – Oct First Region 9 Fall CRC held in Omaha, Nebraska.First meeting of the Great Falls Section of ASHRAE.Bill Lynch begins 3 year term as Regional Vice Chairman, Research Promotion.
1991-92 Jan – May Chapter meeting features a tour of the First Interstate Center, the tallest building in Montana.Seminar by David Bevirt, SMACNA Director of Research.
1992-93 Oct 26 members and students tour the Magneto-Hydro-Dynamics facility in Butte, MTFirst Past President’s night saw seven Chapter Presidents in attendance.Bill Lynch elected Vice Chair of the Society Research Promotion Committee.
1993-94 Nov Big Sky Chapter achieved a new high of $4600 raised for ASHRAE Research.Big Sky Chapter received the Region 9 1st Place Blue Ribbon Award for Membership.Big Sky Chapter co-sponsors the Dynamic Design Conference at Montana State University in Bozeman. Other sponsors include the Montana Power Company and the Bonneville Power Association.
1994-95 Sept – Apr Tour of the new co-generation plant adjacent to the Billings Exxon Refinery.Tour of the Empire Steel plant in Billings followed by a presentation on underground tank regulations.
1995-96 Aug, Jan, Apr Walter Heins awarded ‘Best Program Chairman’; Bud Worthington received ‘Gold Ribbon Award’ for publishing Chapter History for 1978-1994; Dan Fry recognized for achieving ‘Highest % of Goal’ in Research Promotion.Visit by Director & Regional Chairman, Bill Koperski.Board of Governors votes to shift from evening to noon meetings.

Seminar on Indoor Air Quality.

1996-97 Aug, Sept, Nov, Feb Rich Rose begins 3 year term as Regional Vice Chairman – Membership.Seminar on NEBB co-sponsored by Big Sky Chapter and the Bonneville Environmental Balancing Bureau.Visit by Director & Regional Chairman, Arden Davis.

Meeting location changed from the Billings Elks Club to the Petroleum Club.

The Chapter celebrated couples with a Sweetheart Dinner Theater at the Yellowstone Country Club – attended by over 60 members & guests.

1997-98 Nov, Mar, Apr Big Sky Chapter joins the Montana Society of Engineers, IEEE, Institute of Transportation Engineers, and the Society of Mining and Exploration as a sponsor of the Montana Joint Engineers Conference promoting continuing education.Seminar on ASHRAE Standard 15 and Machine Room Design.Joint meeting with Student Section at the Copper King Inn in Butte.
1998-99 Aug, Oct, Mar, Apr Rich Rose moves up to Vice Chairman of the Society Membership Committee.Steve Hanser begins 3 year term as Regional Vice Chairman – Membership.Tour of the Spanish Peaks Brewing Company in Bozeman in conjunction with the Montana Tech Student Branch and the HVAC Engineering students of MSU.

Distinguished Lecturer – Presidential Member Don Bahnfleth, ‘High Temperature Hot Water, the Forgotten Medium.’

Distinguished Lecturer – Gil Avery, ‘Controlling Multiple Chillers’

1999-00 Aug, Oct, Dec, Apr CRC was held at the Sheraton Hotel, Billings MT – Bill Lynch, General ChairmanTour of the District Steam Plant at Montana State University, Bozeman.Social Night at Billings Bulls Hockey Game, Metra Park Arena, Billings.

Visits by Regional Vice Chairs for Research and Programs.

2000-01 Sep, Nov, Mar Meeting in conjunction with Joint Engineers Conference, Helena, MT.Hosted sites for ASHRAE Satellite Broadcast on Standard 90.1 in Helena, Missoula and Billings.Distinguished Lecturer, Pat Gupton (Lewistown, MT) – Building Systems Design.

Tour of the Wells Fargo  Operations Center with Underfloor Ventilation System.

2001-02 Mar Visit by  Regional Vice Chairman for Education, Tim Wentz
2002-23 Aug, Oct – Dec, Feb, May Rod rose begins 3 year term as Regional Vice Chairman MembershipMeeting in Bozeman with the Students at Montana State University.Meeting in conjunction with Joint Engineers Conference, Helena, MT.

25th Anniversary Celebration at Billings Bulls Hockey Game, Metra Park, Billings.

Meeting place closed – began period of variable meeting locations.

Distinguished Lecturer, Dan Int-Hout III – Standard 62 & Demand Control Ventlation.

2003-04 Oct, Nov, Jan, May Meeting in Bozeman with the Students at Montana State University.Tour of the Sleeping giant Brewery in conjunction with Joint Engineers Conference, Helena, MT.Newsletter Editor, Jay Cederberg, began emailing the newsletter.

Student Section at Montana State University, Bozeman chartered.

2004-05 Sept, Jan, Feb, Apr McCormick’s Café chosen as the base for regular noon meetings I n Billings.Silent Auction Fundraiser for Research Promotion at Hockey Night, Metra Park.Tour of the State Fish Hatchery with the Student Branch in Bozeman.

Visit by Director & Regional Chairman, Tim Wentz.

2005-06 Sept, Oct, Feb Meetings return to the Billings Petroleum Club.Lively member Forum on “What I wish I knew 25 Years Ago”.Member forum on “Aspects of a Typical Construction Project” at the Student Section in Bozeman
2006-07 Sept, Oct, Feb Update of Chapter Bylaws finalized.Distinguished Lecturer, Dan Int-Hout III – Proper Selection of VAV Terminals.Industry Roundtable with the Student Section in Bozeman.
2007-08 Oct, Dec Construction Team Panel Discussion and Tour of the Home on the Range Building – LEED Platinum project.Seminar on “The Ethics and Economics of Commisioning”.Great Falls Section announces full lineup of meetings and programs.
2008-09 Aug, Sept, Nov, Jan Rich Rose begins 3-year term as Director and Regional Chairman of Region 9.ASHRAE Night at Dehler Park – Billings Mustangs Baseball.30th Anniversary – Past Presidents’ Night and History Program.

First ASHRAE Poker Night fundraiser for Research Promotion.

2009-10 Aug, Oct, May ASHRAE Night at Dehler Park – Billings Mustangs Baseball.Tour and Ductwork Fabrication Demonstration – Norpac Sheetmetal.Joint ASHRAE/MSHE Conference, Great Falls, MT

30th Annual Big Sky Chapter Golf Tournament.

2010-11 Sept, Apr, May ASHRAE Night at Dehler Park – Billings Mustangs Baseball.Visit & Presentation by Distinguished Lecturer and Society President, Lynn Bellenger – “Modeling a Sustainable Future”Distinguished Lecturer, Chris Mathis

Joint ASHRAE/MSHE Conference, Lewistown, MT

2011-12 Nov, Jan, Mar Meeting in conjunction with Joint Engineers Conference, Helena, MT.Another successful Poker Night fundraiser for ASHRAE Research.Tour of the Rehau House, Bozeman, MT with the Student Section.
2012-13 Aug, Nov, Feb CRC was held at the Holiday Inn Grand Montana – Bill Lynch, General Chairman.Jay Cederberg begins 3-year term as Regional Vice Chairman for CTTC.Past Presidents’ Meeting

Student Section takes 8 students to the Winter Meeting in Dallas Texas.

Student Section President, Breann Foran receives $10,000 Willis H. Carrier Scholarship awarded by Society.