March 16, 2017 Government Update

(BigSky Chapter ASHRAE helps to support Montana Society of Engineers through donation. Due to this donation, we receive government updates on legislation in Helena which may impact our industry or other engineering disciplines. )

MSE Montana Board, Members and Friends,

MSE and ASCE  joined the Coalition Committee in the hopes of creating permanent infrastructure procedure could be developed in the State of Montana.    HB 437 is one piece of this and the piece that is most likely to be passed.   Below is the call to action from Darryl James – Executive Director of the Coalition:

Next week will be a big week, and the Coalition is going to need your active participation.

Over the past week, I’ve had some really productive conversations with House members, opinion leaders in both caucuses, and the Governor’s office.  We are still working with very thin margins to get HB 473 passed out of the House, but with your help, we can get this done!

Rep. Garner expects to move HB 473 in House Transportation this coming Monday, March 20th.  We need supporters in the room to let committee members know they have interest and backing on this bill.  Don’t let anyone feel like their vote is being taken for granted.

If all goes according to plan (and we know how well that’s worked thus far!), we’ll see the bill reach the floor of the House for debate and a vote on Friday March 24th.  We need to pack the Capitol with as many supporters as possible throughout the day, and pack the gallery of the House chamber at 1:00 p.m. to let legislators know you’re there to support them . . . and hold them accountable.

The Coalition has laid the groundwork, and most legislators are fully informed.  They’re telling me now they need to hear from YOU and your members – their constituents.  Beginning tomorrow, I’m asking that each of you again reach out to your area delegation, and any legislator you have personal relationships with, and let them know why HB 473 is important – to you, to your organization, and to the state of Montana.

The Infrastructure Coalition will be as strong and successful as we decide to make it over the next 10 days to two weeks.  Please take the time to make personal contact with legislators so we can make significant headway in addressing our most pressing infrastructure needs.

If you need help with messaging or our critical target list, please contact me directly.