February Update, HB 5, SB 2015, and HB 63

Discussion continues on HB 5 “Provide for infrastructure development.” Republicans are calling for the bill to be broken into seven individual bills containing the various proposals. There will continue to be disagreement as to how much cash vs. bonding should be used. As we have seen in previous sessions, this discussion is going to continue right up until the last days of the session.

SB 205 “Provide for the Hire Montana First Act” would require in-state residency of 50% of the workforce on any state-funded project. The bill pertains specifically to construction, but is an interesting discussion to be aware of in the public works arena.

HB 63 “Revise licensing/regulation of engineers and land surveyors” has passed the Senate and is being sent back to the House. The next step will be for the House to send it to the Governor for signature.

MSE/ASCE/ASHRAE 2015 Bill List
HB 5 Rep Jeff Wellborn Provide for intrastructure development
HB 63 Rep Kathy Swanson Revise licensing/regulation of engineers and land surveyors
HB 97 Rep Edith McClafferty Revise alternative contracting process
SB 145 Sen Bradley Hamlett Revise allocation of oil and gas revenue for oil and natural gas impact projects
LC 1912 Sen Bruce Tutvedt Revise membership of board of professional engineers and land surveyors
LC 1674 Donald Jones Generally revise building plan/permit review requirements
HB 224 Rep Zac Perry Generally revise building code program laws
LC 1407 Sen Bruce Tutvedt Revise laws related to county road right-of-way purchases
LC 2094 Revise review and classification of road and street laws
HB 312 Rep Nancy Wilson Require MDT to consider growth policies and neighborhood plans
SB 205 Sen Robyn Driscoll Provide for the Hire Montana First Act