House Bill Updates – February 27, 2017

Last week was a busy week. HB 473 Bridge and Road Safety and Accountability Actsponsored by Representative Frank Garner, had its first hearing. The hearing lasted over three hours and was supported by Cities and Counties throughout the state, engineering professionals, contractors, the Chamber of Commerce and many more. There were three opponents. Rep Carl Glimm, Brent Mead from the Montana Policy Institute, and an individual who wanted to explore other funding mechanisms like higher registration fees on electric/hybrid vehicles and possibly a VMT tax. The Committee is not expected to take action until a few weeks after the Transmittal Break.

HB 141 Provide licensing boards with active supervision in antitrust liability cases failed to pass second reading in the Senate.

SB 278 Revising local government selection procedures for professional services passed the Senate 50 to 0 and will now make it to the House for a hearing after transmittal.

The Senate has already left for Transmittal Break and the House is hoping to finish up on Wednesday.  Both will reconvene on March 6th. There will not be an Infrastructure Coalition Meeting this week.